a few of the accolades I've received

Award of Merit
 Studies, Software and Special Services

In the spring of 2015 TAPCA vs 1.0 was honoured by the Consulting Engineers of Alberta with the prestigious, Showcase Award of Merit in Studies, Software and Special Services category.

TAPCA vs 1.0 has its roots with McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. The original app was the vision of Don Cornthwaite. Don headed up the team at one of McElhanney’s Alberta divisions. He and his Engineering staff saw it as the way to save time, money and improve the accuracy of their traffic counting jobs. And they were right. In its first year of operation TAPCA realised significant savings. It has since gone on to show over 12% savings on operational costs.

The text from the Spring 2015 issue of the Consulting Engineers of Alberta magazine, Alberta Innovators says it all.

“McElhanney has revolutionised the collection of traffic data at intersections and interchanges by developing a new touch-technology application from the ground up. McElhanney’s application allows traffic counters to complete their counts using a portable tablet while meeting Alberta Transportation’s requirements for vehicle classifications. Used at more than 500 locations and for a variety of clients since April 2014, the application has proved reliable, efficient and user-friendly. By combining innovation, engineering and current technology, McElhanney and its contractors, Jibinfo System Inc. Canada and Ben J. Cote, have brought traffic counting into the digital age and enabled traffic counts you can count on.”

BABN Technologies
 My Winning Lottery Ticket

I just loved designing these cute, little, scratchable characters for my ticket. Why a pickle? Well, I thought you have to pick one, so “Pic” and then of course the “L”, to sound out the word “pickle”.

I really liked the colors as well. Bright neon greens with red and bright yellow text to attract the eye in a crowded ticket rack.

This competition was held by BABN Technologies, a Montreal based company now owned by Scientific Games headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with approximately 9,500 employees worldwide.

 Our Winning Packing Design

This was a Canadian competition sponsored by PAC, Packaging Association of Canada. It was a tough competition. Our team was up against the likes of Emily Carr University of Art + Design, OCAD University and many other prestigious Art and Design programs offered throughout Canada.

The competition involved a new box design, inner sleeve design and a presentation to the board. The board of 6 was comprised of the President of KRAFT Foods, the Graphic Designers of Record and the PAC Leadership Team. A tough audience all round. They had lots of questions. The team had appointed me lead and presenter so the ball was all in my court.

I was told by the then sitting President of KRAFT Foods that we won the competition by 1 point. That point was won in the presentation by a single statement I made in response to competitors. I held up an image in which I had Photoshopped our design into the grocery shelf and stated; “This gentlemen shows how well your product will stand out amongst your competition”. I am happy to say, we displaced the 2 biggest competitors which had dominated the competition for years and took home the $10,000 dollar price.